Heaven doesn’t need harmonica players

Andy Mackie, a retired horse trainer, had 9 heart surgeries.  The resulting 15 prescriptions caused more problems than they were worth so he stopped taking them.  That’s a lot of dough for a lot of drugs.  So what did he do with the money he saved? He figured he’d live for only about a month […]


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More business savvy from Arlene Dickinson; don’t die at 60 with your millions

Arlene Dickinson is smart, savvy and easy to listen to.  She’s CEO of Venture Communications, ‘one of Canada’s largest marketing firms’. At a recent talk she gave, she was asked for her top advice.  Here  it is, plain and simple. ‘Thank god you don’t live in Haiti [or more recently earthquake stricken Chile].  We are […]


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Are you using all your strength?

You can be sure the people in Haiti are.  Using all their strengths that is. Sometimes we are oblivious to our most obvious strengths. A little girl was having difficulty lifting a heavy stone. Her mother came along just then. Noting the girl’s failure, she asked, “Are you using all your strength?” “Yes, I am,” […]


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