Sleep, Eat, Wake Me Up for … Shopping?

  During the hustle bustle of the holidays, no matter how you celebrate, may your basics get fulfilled & then some.   You may have seen these stickers that are given out on some airlines.   They’re meant for you to stick on the top of your seat so the airline staff know what to […]


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Where’s your off switch?

When I was doing some training for the United Nations in East Africa a while back, some friends and I got together one night at a house to watch a movie and make cookies.  The cookie dough never made it to the oven (a destination few cookie dough batches in my world meet) and the […]


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Those who laugh last (up to 7 years longer)

Having a happy disposition affects how long you live, up to 7 years longer than grumpy folk. Researchers at Wayne Statue University in Michigan looked at 230 pictures of major league baseball players from 1952.  They categorized the pictures according to how much they were smiling and their laugh lines.  They then looked at life […]


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More business savvy from Arlene Dickinson; don’t die at 60 with your millions

Arlene Dickinson is smart, savvy and easy to listen to.  She’s CEO of Venture Communications, ‘one of Canada’s largest marketing firms’. At a recent talk she gave, she was asked for her top advice.  Here  it is, plain and simple. ‘Thank god you don’t live in Haiti [or more recently earthquake stricken Chile].  We are […]


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