More business savvy from Arlene Dickinson; don’t die at 60 with your millions

Arlene Dickinson is smart, savvy and easy to listen to.  She’s CEO of Venture Communications, ‘one of Canada’s largest marketing firms’. At a recent talk she gave, she was asked for her top advice.  Here  it is, plain and simple. ‘Thank god you don’t live in Haiti [or more recently earthquake stricken Chile].  We are […]


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Arlene Dickinson: We’ve come a long way …. baby?

Last night I listened to business owner, entrepreneur and TV star Arlene Dickinson of the Dragon’s Den at the Forum for Women Entrepreneur’s Gala Event.  Her captivating journey to entrepreneurship is made more impressive by her humble beginnings. Years ago, being a single mom with four kids to feed made getting cash through the door […]


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