A tool for accessing, expanding, stretching & sharing your knowledge

How do you curate knowledge?  How do you access it, expand it, stretch it, use it, share it? It’s tough in these days of volume overload where news headlines flash faster than my friend’s toddler can go from happy & calm to the world-is-ending-now. That’s why I was drawn to this article about a 6 […]


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Knowledge ‘vrs’ Experiene (all wrapped up in 1 picture)

Juicy goodness here. Does knowledge lead the way to connecting the dots? Could you connect the dots without knowledge? What does experience look like without knowledge?


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Knowledge management – how about a ‘to-consider’ list

I’m all about learning, about soaking up new knowledge and creating a sumptuous, creative smorgasbord of learning opportunities for my workshop participants.  I have lists of books that I’ve read, dog-eared, highlighted, scribbled in and otherwise marked up for how to transfer the knowledge they contain.  I use Delicious, youtube, and flickr to help me […]


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Curiousity may have killed the cat but it’s a trainer’s best friend

The saying, curiousity killed the cat, means if you’re too curious harm may come to you.  That’s true.  In some circles curiousity causes problems (say if you’re a bank teller trying to figure out how to steal money) but in the case of corporate training curiousity is worth its weight in gold. Curiousity opens the […]


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